In my job as CreditVisor’s HR Director, I have met diverse prejudices regarding work at a debt collection agency. They have given rise to interesting discussions, especially with new employees, says Anne Viherlaakso, HR Director at CreditVisor.

I asked Marina about her thoughts about working at a debt collection agency, now that she has been here for a few weeks. Marina saw our job advertisement and applied for the position. Having now worked for 1.5 months in customer service, the questions from friends and family mainly amuse her.

“We have a really nice atmosphere at work!” Marina says and continues: “Even though there are more challenging issues at times, I have been positively surprised with the great atmosphere here. People genuinely help others and you’re always allowed to ask.”

Marina has extensive experience in customer service work, but the debt collection sector and operating environment were something new to her.

“I thought that in the debt collection sector, people would be serious, working in black suits and not talking to each other. Now, that mental image makes me laugh. This is human-oriented work, we help the customers – give them advice and negotiate. It feels good when you can help people in something as important as financial matters.”

Thinking for the customer

Flamboyant movie and TV scenes in which the debtor’s possessions are carried out of the door and a “for sale” sign is put up have surely influenced the notions strongly. However, the truth is stranger than fiction.

Consumer customers get a good, friendly and proactive service when we contact them as the due date approaches, survey the situation and help them in debt planning, if necessary. Corporate customers, on the other hand, can keep the wheels of their companies rolling with our comprehensive invoicing and debt collection service.

The Finnish Debt Collection Act specifies the framework for the entire sector. However, from our point of view, these are the minimum requirements. Therefore, at CreditVisor, we always want to offer both our corporate and consumer customers a little bit more. Our customer service and sales share a common goal: to help the customer and keep the economy running. The help we offer can be more extensive debt planning, or a least referring to, say, an authority’s service hotline.

“We always think about what’s best for the customer,” Marina says.

A next-generation debt collection agency

Finland is a consumer-friendly country. Information and assistance is relatively easily available compared to many other countries. We serve our customers through several channels. Our experts can be contacted by phone, e-mail and the customer portal.

Our appreciation of customers is reflected in the quality of our service, such as the reminder services and pre-collection service in which we actively contact our customers when the second due date approaches and survey the situation. We operate responsibly and do not add high debt collection costs to small amounts of principal. Our operating methods also serve our clients, and the customer experience remains good throughout.

“The customers have often commented in the calls that ‘it’s a good thing you called, I don’t know what to do’ or ‘it’s a good thing that the invoices were forwarded to you for debt collection’,” Marina says.

“I feel that as a person, I share similar values with the company, and it is reflected in the interaction of the entire workplace community. We discuss, guide and support each other. The entire team shoulders responsibility for our own actions and also cares for workplace comfortability; we have a good time together. I believe that this is also passed on to our customers through the telephone.”

We do things in a new way.

By the way, we are recruiting for a few positions, take a look at the vacancies for a debt collection agent and customer service representatives!

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