We want to create fresh ways of thinking and operating in the field of debt collection, giving it a more human touch. The Debt Collection Act and good debt collection practices require debt collection agencies to manage payment arrangements responsibly, but at CreditVisor, we want to take responsibility further. Responsibility must cover all our operations, from sales and new assignments to receiving payments from customers.

In responsible debt collection, the aim is not only to give more payment time and agree on payment schedules, but also to find a solution to the customer’s situation as a whole. The customer should have a positive experience of our service, and the client should receive their claims in a manner that strengthens their relationship with the customer. Our customer service plays a key role in responsibility, facing each customer as an individual, personally, thoroughly and with respect for their rights. We guarantee the excellent quality of our service by training our personnel continuously and making them committed to our vision and values.

Responsibility is also evident in our service selection. Our pre-collection service reminds the customer of a delayed payment even before the invoice is transferred to actual debt collection. Paying due invoices as early as possible minimises the amount of additional costs for the customer.

We understand that due to different situations in life, even the most responsible debt collection does not always lead to the desired outcome if the customer simply does not have sufficient facilities at the moment when the debt is collected. In order to curb the rising costs of continued debt collection, we invest in the latest technologies that will help us to lower debt collection costs in the future. We will channel the cost benefits to our customers and clients.